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Newsletter Editor-in-Chief Position Description   

Newsletter Editor-in-Chief – puts together four or five issues a year of Waterlines, the newsletter of Poudre Paddlers—or may invite a guest editor to put together an edition. Dates vary, but approximate these: April, before the all-club meeting; May; July/August; and October/November. Page numbers are usually divisible by four because of the printing technique, where a sheet of 11x17 paper, front and back, holds four pages. We average 16 pages—a low of 12 and a high of 20.

Each issue contains announcements of events, messages from officers, trip articles, paddling articles from “outside” the bounds of the Club, tips, classifieds, photos, and anything else of interest. We have run customary articles in specific editions:

  • April: news of upcoming Club meeting, drafts of events and classes.
  • May: schedule of trips and classes, and maybe the current club roster.
  • July/August: current news of the summer’s paddling

The Editor-in-Chief solicits material from the members—all about paddling, though some editorializing is allowed when it surrounds water issues pertinent to paddlers. At times we solicit advertising, but this add quite a bit of work, and our current finances don’t necessitate ads. Then the editor edits—proofreads, corrects facts, and cuts the verbiage from the articles. It averages a cut of a third of the length.

The Editor-in-Chief may also write an editor’s comment, and may write articles to fill the pages. There is rarely a high interest in Club members to write articles, so the Editor-in-Chief has to contact specific folks and request (i.e. nag for) specific articles.

For the last seven years or so, the newsletter has been done using Microsoft Publisher, but other editing software would do fine, as long as it allows a flow of articles from page to page and around photos. It’s important that one can insert photos and edit them on the page—change resolution, expand, crop, alter the light and color. It is wise, of course, to keep a template, allowing new editions to follow the design elements of the old.

We have submitted Waterlines to Kinko’s, where we now have an account, on a cd, and they print it in grayscale, in about two days. Meanwhile we get a list of addresses from the webmaster or membership coordinator. These are the Club members who want to receive hard copies—many are happy just to get the newsletter as a pdf online. Then we fold the editions from 8.5x11 to 8.5x5.5, tape them, put stick-on labels on them and drop the box at the post office. We also send the newsletter as an attachment to the webmaster, who links it to the website as a pdf in both high and low resolution. Online editions allow readers to see photos in color.

Then we start requesting (begging, cajoling, twisting arms) for material for the next issue.

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